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The use of your own Loss Assessors to deal with your insurance claim can substantially improve the result of your claim, improving both the amount paid out and the time taken to complete the claim handling process. Your insurer will use a loss adjuster to evaluate your claim and minimise the settlement value offered, a loss assessors will work for you to ensure you get the maximum entitlement from your claim.

Benefit From Professional Representation

In the same way that you wouldn't go into a Court of Law without professional legal representation, don't enter into negotiations about settlement of your insurance claim without your own claims management loss assessors there to assist you, many thousands of pounds could be potentially at risk. Loss assessors understand how difficult and stressful dealing with these situations can be, and that they are there to help:

The right loss assessor will:

Did You Know?

Why do I need a Loss Assessor?

When an insured loss has occurred, you should always call and speak to a Loss Assessor, prior to contacting the insurer. All reputable Loss Assessors will provide you with an initial free telephone consultation. It is important that you explain the circumstances of the loss, the current circumstances relating to the loss e.g. "The fire brigade has only just left." or "water is still leaking from somewhere." For small claims, quite often the Loss Assessor can advise what to do immediately following the loss and how to deal with the insurance company. He can also advise when it will be in your best interest to appoint a qualified Loss Assessor to handle the claim and protect your best interest.

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help with flood, storm, weather and fire damage insurance claims

Loss assessors specialise in all aspects of insurance claims management and can assist in the preparation and presentation of all domestic and commercial insurance claims resulting from fire, flood, storm, burglary, water damage, impact damage, subsidence or blocked drains.

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